Contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of rural communities, implement comprehensive training processes for the agricultural worker, increase the sustainable productivity of the land, promote social and economic development, improve soil agrological conditions, encourage conservation of the environment  and contribute to food security.


THE AIMAGRO FOUNDATION generates solutions and adds value to agriculture; our work includes advice for farmers and ranchers, through highly qualified professionals, state-of-the-art technological equipment and the supply of friendly inputs to the ecosystem to guarantee high quality food.






development processes, with criteria that contribute to improving the level and quality of life of the rural population.


Our goal is to improve productivity in crops and livestock whilst at the same time protecting biodiversity in all its forms, promote the massive use of biopesticides and organic fertilizers  thus preventing the contamination of land, air and water.


of the rural sector cannot be postponed if one is to achieve sustainable development that allows developing countries to achieve cutting-edge positions as suppliers of food and raw materials and thus contribute to the generation of employment, well-being and wealth for the countryside.


The great leap in productivity for competitiveness is achieved by implementing the current norms and the highest international quality standards. Likewise, training at the highest level is fundamental, investing in research, infrastructure and technology transfer.

Programs and rural development plans where the AIMAGRO foundation intervenes:

*Training to private entities and officials in topics related to agriculture.

*Recovery and reconversion of lands.

*Productive transformation of the agricultural sector.

*Strengthening of agricultural lines.

*Rural opportunities for small producers.

* Entrepreneurship and social projection aimed at:

Rural women, vulnerable population, victims of conflicts, young peasants, family agriculture, alternative development and associativity, reintegration of combatants and those marginalized by conflicts, those displaced by violence, reservists of military forces, soldiers of compulsory military service, etc.

*Design and implementation of agricultural, livestock and environmental projects.

The International Agricultural Marketing Agency AIMAGRO has the experience and talent to actively participate in large productive projects in the agricultural sector anywhere in the world. The team's international experience allows us to summon the most prestigious and successful agricultural professionals to contribute to our projects with their experience, knowledge and credibility, as well as in the search for and selection of the best international suppliers of the inputs and agricultural machinery needed during the implementation of the project.

Agro-industrial marketing, the value chain in agro-business

Marketing is the vital component of every project. Our experts in agricultural issues permanently analyze the behavior of goods and services dedicated to the agricultural sector at a local and international level, constantly monitoring the trends of global demand and its implications in agricultural production chains which then allows us to make the necessary recommendations in logistical, normative, technical, legislative, cultural, political topics, etc.  helping the businessmen of the field to improve the productivity and the international competitiveness of the products that they wish to commercialize.


The use of new international marketing strategies, added to the competitiveness of agricultural products, can make the sectors dedicated to agriculture overcome their current difficulties and begin to generate added value, so that the field in Latin America represents an integral alternative for economic and social development.


The application of the various economic, management and marketing principles in the agricultural rural sectors is a pressing need since only by increasing the productivity of the fields and improving agricultural marketing systems, will it be possible to improve the levels of income and well-being in the less favored classes, which are generally rural peasants dedicated to subsistence crops.







We represent important multinationals specialized in the manufacture of all kinds of agricultural and livestock machinery. Aware of the magnitude of their projects, their expectations and marketing projections, we give full advice to recommend the direct purchase of the most advanced and appropriate technologies for your business, taking into account variables of farm size, terrain, climatic factors, political, cultural, etc ...


* Tractors

* Equipment for harvest and post-harvest.

* Special vehicles for field work.

* Accessories for tractors

* Choppers

* Mixers

* Sprayers, sprinklers, fumigators.

* Seeders

* SM Cultivator

* Mowers

* ATVs

* Irrigation equipment.




Equipment and Supplies



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